How to create self-hosted wordpress blog for free(make money)

Creating and starting a blog in Wordpress

If you are looking to start a blog for free in WordPress and Make Money, then you have landed on the right page. I would be explaining how you can exactly start your blog in WordPress. This would be a step by step tutorial starting from scratch.

Where can you create a blog and start blogging?

There are a number of platforms where you can start blogging by creating your own blog. Some of the most common blogging platforms also known as CMS (Content Management System) are,,,, etc.

Where to create your blog (in which CMS)?

It completely depends on you where you want to create your blog and start blogging to earn money. If you can invest some money initially then is considered as the best site for creating a blog and to start earning money. Wordpress overall covers over 35% of the web when it comes to CMS (blogging).

If you are not able to invest initially then you can create your blog on,, Blogger is considered as the best platform among the free CMS providers as it is a google product and it also provides a free hosting from Blogspot.
Check this post to Create your free blog at

What are and Are they different?

Yes, they are different. But both are the CMS platform of Wordpress. The basic difference is that you can create a free blog in but it is not possible in

Difference between and

Wordpress is a free CMS platform of Wordpress where you can create your blog for free. You don’t need hosting for your blog in
  • is also a CMS platform for Wordpress, but you can choose and install your own hosting plan in It is also called Self Hosted Wordpress Blog.

Advantages of over is only free for creating a blog but you need to purchase your own domain and also pay for the membership plan to install plugins. There are a very limited number of plugins and themes available in, unlike, can be installed in any hosting provider. It also allows you to download and use multiple plugins and themes to customize your blog. You can change the functionality of self-hosted Wordpress blog completely.

So, if you are willing to make money out of your blog, then I would suggest using to use CMS platform to create your blog. You can get your hosting plans and start creating your blog by installing Wordpress in it.

What is the Cost of Running a Self Hosted Blog?

It costs you money to have a self-hosted blog. Many people wonder how much it costs to create and maintain a self-hosted blog. A rough estimation would be around $60 a year. It depends on the type of hosting you buy or the authority of the domain.

Now as you have an estimate of the costs that you have to incur to run a self-hosted blog, you can start creating your blog. You need not worry about the amount of cost that you would incur because you would be getting a great return out of it.

How to Start a Blog in Wordpress for Beginners? – A step by Step Guide

The first and foremost thing is that you must ensure that you have the following items with you
  • A personal Computer / Laptop / Mobile Phone
  • An Internet Connection
  • A Google account
  • A topic or niche for the blog
  • Good Knowledge about the topic  or niche

Steps to Create and Start a Self Hosted Blog in Wordpress to Earn Money

  • Step 1 – Selection of a Niche

The first step to start a blog not only a self-hosted blog is the selection of a niche on which you would be creating the blog. A niche refers to the topic for the blog. It can be a particular topic or a general topic. There are mainly two types of niche you can work on viz. Micro Niche and Macro Niche. Select a niche on which you can write endless content without being bored. You can select a niche on the topic you are passionate about.

  • Step 2 - Getting a Domain (Registering a Domain Name)

The second step after the selection of the niche is to get a domain for your blog. You have you be very careful in choosing your domain name because it cannot be changed later on and it reflects your branding. A Domain Name is a username for your blog on the World Wide Web.

Select a domain name that reflects your niche. Your domain name should be simple and understandable with a clear meaning. It should not be confusing for a person to search. You can get your domain from,,, etc.

There are various types of extensions available like .com, .in, .co, .us, .xyz, .site and many more. Choose your domain name with extensions like .com or .in. It would be easy for you to target the audience. .com domain is a worldwide domain targeting the overall world while other domains like .us, .in are specific country targeting domain.

If you want to target a particular country go for these domains or else go for a .com domain. I would suggest you go for a .com domain.

  • Step 3 – Selecting a Web Hosting (Hosting Server)

Hosting Server unlike the Domain name can be changed as per your requirements. You can select your web hosting from any hosting server. Web hosting is a server that stores your website files. The Hosting Server depends on the traffic of your blog. A high traffic blog requires a good hosting server.

When you buy a Hosting Server for your blog, you will receive a welcome email along with name servers. The IP address of your web server is available in these name servers. In the domain, name setting enter these name servers so that your domain could identify where to exactly point the users when they are visiting your blog or website.

The process may differ from what I have mentioned above for some hosting server, but you need not worry much about that because it won’t differ much. The contact support of your domain name or the hosting server could help you connect your web hosting with your domain.

Some of the common hosting servers are,,, Do not restrict your self to the cheap web hosting from an unknown server as it can impact your blog. Purchase hosting server from the sites you trust.

  • Step 4 - Installing WordPress

How to create self-hosted wordpress blog for free(make money)After you have purchased your domain name and hosting, you are now ready and it is time to install WordPress. Some hosting server comes with Fantastico feature that enables you to install Wordpress in a single click. I always suggest installing Wordpress manually because manual installation ensures more safety.

There are two main parts to install WordPress on your hosting server. The two parts are Files and Database (MySQL database) respectively. You need to make them work for you and there is no need to understand how they work.

Most of the hosting servers provide you with a cPanel interface. cPanel is a graphical user interface that is used to operate your hosting account. You would be using the cPanel to install Wordpress on your hosting. The procedure for the installation would be similar even if the company has not provided you the cPanel.

You would be receiving a mail from the hosting company with cPanel username, password and the login URL. You would find something called MySQL when you log into your cPanel. Create a new database with any name by clicking on the MySQL database.

After this, you have to add a user to the database by creating a new user for the database. The steps for the same are quite easy and simple.

Now after your database and the user of the database is ready, the next thing is the installation of Wordpress and to the database to it.

Download your copy of Wordpress for free from and go to

Open the Wordpress file by unzipping it and rename the file with name Config-sample.php to config.php. Enter the name, username, and password of the database in the file by opening it in a text editor.

You would see something called WordPress salt values. Just copy and paste the values into config.php file. For security reason change the prefix to something random from wp and save the file.

Now the next thing you have to do is to upload all these files into the public HTML files of the hosting server that you have purchased and set up. When all the files are uploaded you are almost ready with your blog.

To install your Wordpress blog, type your domain name in the browser and visit your website. You will be asked to create your admin username and a password to access the dashboard of your blog.

You are now ready with your dashboard after selecting your niche, purchasing your domain and hosting server and finally installing Wordpress in the web hosting. Now, to make your blog 100% ready you need to follow the remaining steps below.

  • Step 5 - Installing an attractive WordPress Themes

Themes define the layout of your page and how it would actually look like. You would find a number of Wordpress themes in the dashboard which can be installed for free. Installing a unique and attractive theme would help your blog to be distinguished from other blogs under the same niche.

You can also find different other themes than that is available at Wordpress dashboard. You can download an attractive theme. They are widely available in the internet or you can also purchase a premium theme.

  • Step 6 - Installation and Configuration of Plugins

Wordpress provides you with a pack of different plugins, free as well as premium. Plugins help you to customize your blog post and publish it as per your requirements.

How to create self-hosted wordpress blog for free (make money)

Some of the free plugins that you should install in your Wordpress blog are:

Akismet: There is a threat that people might spam your comments with spam links. So, to prevent spamming of comments you can install Akismet plugin in your Wordpress blog. Install and register it with your Wordpress account to get the API key.

All in One SEO Pack: All in One SEO Pack plugin helps you in optimizing your blog and pages to make it user friendly so that your post rank on search engines increases.

Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin helps you create sitemaps which enable the  search engines to track new pages on your website.

WP Touch: This is one of the most important plugins in Wordpress as it helps in to make your website or blog mobile-friendly. Most of the users visit your page or posts from mobile. Hence, it becomes very importantly to make your blog mobile-friendly.

Yoast SEO Plugin: You need to have a make the on-page SEO of the post very good to have an effective result in the google search result. Yoast SEO plugin helps you to optimize your post and make your post ready with the perfect on-page SEO.

It is always advised not to install unnecessary plugins. Only install the plugins that you need and that helps to your blog.

  • Step 7 - Installation of Google Analytics and Configuration of WebMaster Tools

Install Google Analytics to keep track of the visitors in your blog. You can view the entire detailed statistics about your blog in the Google Analytics. Sign up to Google Analytics and add a property of your website. You will get a code from the Google Analytics, Paste that code in your website so that Google can collect data from your blog and display you the statistics.

Google Analytics helps you to find out what is happening inside your website whereas, Google Webmaster helps you in finding what is actually happening outside your blog or website. You can ignore Google Webmaster as you would be gaining a lot of visitors from Google as an organic traffic.

  • Step 8 - Writing your articles and blog posts

After you have completed with the installation of Wordpress, customization of your blog using effective and attractive themes and installation of different plugins and Google Analytics, you are now ready with your blog.

The next challenging task that you have is to start writing articles on your blog. Content is the lion (King) for driving visitors or traffics to your blog. This is the most important step in blogging. Content decides whether your blog would be successful in getting traffics or not.

The plugins installed before like Yoast SEO, All in One would help you in optimizing your article to make it SEO friendly so that it ranks on the Google search result. Write a 100 % unique article on the niche that you have chosen. This was the reason I’ve told you earlier to choose a niche in which you are comfortable and could write tons of articles.

Conclusion – Creating and Starting a Blog in Wordpress for Beginners

I hope that you are now aware of how to create a self hosted a blog in Wordpress after purchasing a custom domain and hosting. Setting up and publishing of articles only is not enough if you are not able to make money out of your blog.

I have listed the methods you use to monetize your blog and start earning money from your blog in this article "Making Money from Your Blog". Check it out and start making your blog more profitable. Scroll down to the end of that post to see the money earning methods from your blog.

If you face any problem setting up your blog, leave a comment below. I would be happy to solve your problem.
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