What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an art of promoting and selling your products and services by using various online marketing tactics and tools like social media marketing, podcasts, email marketing, blog posts, content marketing, and many others.

Digital Marketing Definition, Strategy - Digital Marketing Expert

It is how the business in today’s competitive world is reaching out to their prospective customers and getting their messages delivered to them.

Digitalization has made people's life easier making everything available at the doorsteps. Hence, customers prefer to follow online buying tools rather than going to a mall or vendor.

Most of the customers are online searching for their products via various shopping sites. They stay updated to the latest news on news websites and blogs searching for the products or services that they need.

Digital Marketing makes easy for people to search for everything be it reviews about the products, shopping about the product. Hence, Digital Marketing has become a growing trend in today’s Marketing era.

Looking from a business point of view, Digital Marketing helps you to connect with those prospective customers searching for the products and services online via various social sites and blogs.

If you are new to Digital Marketing, you would be happy to know how you can be benefitted by Digital Marketing. The tools and techniques used in digital marketing can help you achieve the things which were not able to be achieved earlier.

And yes, there are different things that you have to understand in Digital Marketing. But all the tools and techniques work together in engaging the audience and creating value for the business providing the best resources to the customers.

A well experienced Digital Marketer would state the best steps a business could take in order to be successful. Digital Marketing helps in building a brand for an organization by providing useful and valuable resources to the users searching for it.

How does Digital Marketing create an impact on an organization?

When we talk about traditional marketing, activities are carried out via print ads, phone communication, letters, leaflets, pamphlets, and other physical marketing techniques. Traditional Marketing requires a lot of time and effort.

Digital Marketing Definition, Strategy - Digital Marketing Expert
While Digital Marketing, in contrast, requires less time and effort as all the tasks are performed online. There are many tools available that help you to complete your tasks easily and comfortably. Digital Marketing activities are carried out via online platforms which include an endless number of possibilities, including blog posts, email, podcasts, videos, social media, blogs, websites, etc.

At this stage of digitalization and competition, it becomes very important for any business or organization to grow digitally and mark an online presence to reach out to the audience at large.

Every company must have a website where the users can accumulate the required information or get to know about the company or brand. If there is no website it must at least have a social media presence or digital strategy.

The consumers now rely on the  digital marketing and digital content as a means to learn about the brands as it has became very common in today’s digital world.

Summarizing all the points, in brief, it can be said that “Digital Marketing Strategies are the soul of the business.”

Since Digital Marketing has such a significant number of choices and systems related with it, you can get imaginative and explore different avenues regarding an assortment of promoting strategies on a tight spending plan.

With the help of Digital Marketing, you can likewise utilize tools like analytics dashboards to analyze the achievement of the business and ROI of your business campaigns in a better and accurate way than that of Traditional Marketing techniques like print ads, etc.

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How is Digital Marketing defined by the Business?

Digital Marketing is characterized by the utilization of various computerized strategies and channels to interface with clients and customers where they spend most of their time. It may be through websites, blogs, videos, email, social media, online brochures, and many other tools that fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

The successful and best Digital Marketer with great knowledge and experience has the capability to draw the complete picture of the business adopting the Digital Marketing Techniques and campaigns and achieving the goals of the business.

The goal of the business decides whether the company should go for a free or paid channel for their promotion and expansion at their disposal.

How do all the components of Digital Marketing Work together?

For example a content writer of the business can write engaging blog posts or a series of posts helping the business to generate leads. A social media marketer would then promote the posts written by the content writer to the audience at large, through free or paid organic methods. The email marketer of the business would then forward an email to the leads generated via blog posts or social media in which it can send the download link for free books, etc in order to boosts up their growth.

We would learn more about the other components of Digital Marketing in few minutes.
Digital Marketing Definition, Strategy - Digital Marketing Expert

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
Some of the most common types of Digital Marketing are explained in brief below:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is a type of digital marketing that helps an organization to improve and increase its rank in the Google search results page to drive organic traffic to its sites. SEO greatly helps Blogposts, Infographics, and Websites.

There are different types of SEO. Each type has its own benefit. All the types of SEO are important for a website to grow and generate traffics to its site.

The different types of SEO include On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO.

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing as the term denotes is concentrated with the creation and promotion of content as it is considered as the greatest asset of a brand. Content is considered as the King for any websites or videos. Content helps in driving traffic to the site and also in the creation of a brand image.

The different channels that require good and engaging content includes: blog posts, infographics, podcasts, and videos.

  • Social Media Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing is one of the most common and important tools of Digital Marketing because it is the place where almost all of the population are available. Hence, it becomes easier for the business to target the audience at large using social platforms.

The most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

Social Platforms help you in reaching out to a large audience which makes it easier for a business to find out the prospect customers.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a strategy for directing people to your site by paying the publisher of the ads every time your advertisement is clicked. One of the most widely used PPC type is Google Ads, it allows your websites to rank on the top of the google search results and requires you to pay a certain about for every click on that ad of yours.

The other common types of Promotional Pay Per Click used by the business are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored messages, etc. These ads help in driving more traffics to the websites or generating leads and increasing sales.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an advertisement technique based on performance. Affiliate Marketing includes promoting the products and services of another company in return for some commission. There are different types of affiliate program like Sales based and Leads based. It is a simple method to increase sales and users to the platform.

Affiliate Marketing can be carried out through Blogs, Social Sites, Youtube Videos, Advertisements etc.

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the process of getting your tasks done completely on time which was to be done manually. Marketing Automation helps you to complete the tasks that are recurring to your organization. It helps you in saving your time and also completing the required tasks as per the schedule.

The most common methods of Marketing Automation includes Email Scheduling, Social Media Posts Scheduling, Automatic reply to leads, Campaign analysis and tracking etc.

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a method in Digital Marketing which helps you to reach out to the respective list of emails of the persons that have subscribed to your newsletters. It is a means of engaging the reader of the blog or the comments of the blogs.

Email Marketing helps you to deliver the required products to the respective customers and also helps you to promote your products and services via an engaging email content.

The types of email that you can send are: blog subscriptions, follow up email to the members who download something from your site, the promotion of the products or services etc.

What does a Digital Marketer do?

Digital Marketer are accountable for promotion of the brand of the company and generation of the leads thorugh all the possible channel like Paid, free or organic channels. This channels includes promotion of the brand via Social Platforms, company’s own websites, promoting advertisements and videos and expanding the blog.

The Digital Marketer mainly focuses on improving the rank results of the company’s websites or blog posts in the google search results and promoting the brand of the company or the products. Each Digital Marketer have their respective roles and they perform their tasks in their respective domains more appropriately.

Do Digital Marketing Works for every Business?

Digital Marketing functions in every business or industry irrespective of the function or the works performed by the company. The ideology of digital marketing is reaching out to the audience through online platforms which is what digital marketing deals with actually.

Irrespective of small or large Business Digital Marketing plays a very prominent role in the growth of a business. The marketing strategies may differ and the company has to implement the marketing strategies accordingly as per the requirements of the business.

  • Business to Business Digital Marketing

Business to Business Digital Marketing concentrates mainly on the generation of leads and increasing sales of the business. Hence for these reason the role of marketing strategy is to accumulate a large audience and creating leads to convert them to the highest quality leads through social sites, websites and other various digital channels.

Apart from websites and social sites, it is also important for a B2B Business to spend an ample amount of time in Business development sites like LinkedIn to connect to the audience.

  • Business to Consumer Digital Marketing

Business to Consumer Digital Marketing concentrates mainly on the increment of sales without focusing much on the leads. It mainly aims at attracting people to the sites and letting them purchase the product without having them to speak to a salesperson.

Digital Marketing helps you in B2C Marketing Strategy by featuring your product or services higher in the marketing funnel.

How  does Digital Marketing functions in a Business?

Digital Marketing benefits a business to a great extent, which helps the business to promote its brand and build the business for further growth. Digital Marketing allows you to analyze your leads, visitors to your websites, goal conversion rates.

With traditional marketing it is not possible to know how many people read articles, newspapers, etc. But with the help of Digital Marketing, it becomes very easy for you to analyze the number of visitors to your websites, the number of impressions to your posts and the conversion of leads to sales.

Is Digital Marketing very Expensive to Learn?

It is not very expensive to learn digital marketing. You can start learning Digital Marketing from basics and then expand your knowledge as time passes. You do need much amount of money to start learning and implementing Digital Marketing Strategies.

Read Blog posts, articles, and watch videos on youtube as a learner as this would let you learn many new things. You can expand and start investing in yourself to learn after are well known to the basics of Digital Marketing.

You can start your digital Marketing Journey by creating your own blogs. You can create your free blog at blogger.com or wordpress.com as a beginner and learn from it. You learn more and better when you yourself perform the same thing.

Although it is difficult to start earning from the blogs created at Blogger.com or wordpress.com, but it would let you have thorough knowledge about it after which you can start a blog by getting a custom domain and hosting.

You can start blogging in Blogger or WordPress. These are the sites that would help you create and manage your blog.

You can also sign up for various affiliate programs and start earning a passive income which would help you to earn some amount which you can invest in yourself and learn digital marketing in a better way.

Am I ready to Learn Digital Marketing?

It is never too early to learn anything, or never too late. It only depends on your interest and passion whether you are ready to start learning Digital Marketing or not. And it is the fact that after 2 to 3 years, a person without the knowledge of digital marketing is not considered valuable.

In this digital era it becomes very important for you to become digital and start learning ruler of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing.

Start learning the basics from now on, read as many articles as you can become knowledge gained never expires or never leaves you.

If you have read this article completely I can assure you that you are now ready for the advanced digital marketing. You now need to start it practically and start your journey to be a Digital Marketing Expert.

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