If you are reading this post, then it means that you have already started blogging, or you are planning to start blogging shortly. Tools in blogging are very much essential, whether it might be for a beginner or advanced blogger.

What are the best blogging tools for a blogger?

You might be confused, what tools are essential in blogging and what roles do they play in your blogging journey. And that is what we would be discussing in this post.

Tools make blogging easier. They help us in identifying the audience queries and the perfect way of answering their questions.

If you are looking to learn about the best tools for blogging, then you have landed on the right page.

In this post, I would be sharing with you the best tools that you should use as a blogger. These tools would help you in your blogging journey and also optimize your blog as SEO friendly.

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Best Blogging Tools for Blogger

The Blogging Tools for bloggers have been categorized into different essential sections as follows.
  1. Content Writing Tools
  2. Blog Post Content Idea Generation
  3. Tools to generate SEO Friendly Article
  4. Tools for Creating Blog Graphics
  5. Keyword Research and Analysis Tools
  6. Plagiarism Checker Tools
Whether you are a beginner who has just started to blog or an advanced pro blogger looking to grow your site, content writing tools are always essential. You would come across a variety of content writing tools and might get confused in making the right choice.

In this section, I would suggest some essential and beneficial content writing tools that you might have been searching for.

Content Writing tools can be very conducive for you as a blogger because it is believed that Content is the King. Your content should be capable of satisfying the requirements of the audience; this is how you can grow the user base for your site or blog.

Here is the list of tools that would help you in writing compelling and SEO friendly articles for the reader to read. SEO pleasant articles would ensure that your posts rank on the search engines and would drive traffic to your blog.
Best Blogging Tools for Blogger–Tools that Makes Blogging Easier
Blog Post Content Idea Generation
It is challenging for every blogger to identify the keyword on which article has to be written. Your post would drive traffic only if the audience reaches out to your post. So, it is imperative for you to identify the topic that the audience is looking for.

Here are some of the tools that would help you in this case.
  • Google Trends
What do you need more if you get to know what is trending on Google currently? Google Trend provides accurate and relevant information about the searches on Google by the users. You can type any keyword on Google and find out its trend and decide your content accordingly.

There is no point in writing an article or content that one is willing to read. So, before you start writing your article, find out the trend of searches on Google for the different keywords, and select the best keyword as per your niche.
  • BuzzSumo
BuzSumo is very pragmatic for embellishing or elaborating an existing idea or subject to figure out the appropriate content that can be written in your blog post that the audience would like reading. BuzSumo helps in checking the content that performs the best in your niche.

You just have to enter the subject or a URL into the search box of BuzSumo, and it would provide a bunch of information related to the content that has been performing the best in the social media platforms.

This is an effective way of creating engaging content that the user would love reading and would visit your site frequently for reading more of your blog posts.
  • Quora
Quora is the crowded question-answer digital platform where users post a lot of queries for them to be answered. The users post a lot of questions and queries every second related to a variety of niche.

The questions are posted by the real people who are the regular audience and are also easy to write on the same being a blogger. You would get an idea of what type of content the audience is looking for and write your content accordingly.

Look for the keyword and follow the topics that are related to your blog’s niche. After finding the topic or keyword on which article is to be written, perform small research about the topic, and write an SEO friendly article.

These types of contents would help you in driving organic traffic to your blog because the audience is searching for their queries to be answered.

Tools to generate SEO Friendly Article
In this competitive era of blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a very crucial role in deciding the success of your blog. SEO optimized posts are given priority by the search engines when it comes to the ranking of the results.

So, SEO is something that you cannot neglect. Here are some tools that would be handy for a blogger to generate SEO friendly articles for the blog.
  • Portent Title Maker
The title is something that provides the first impression of your blog post. The users visit your blog to read the content, if they find the title suitable because the title is the thing that depicts the entire content.

It becomes very important to give an attractive and engaging title to your content. But, it becomes confusing to title content with the targeted keyword. In this case, the Portent title maker would serve you as the helping hand.

Type the subject of the keyword of your post into the Portent tool, and it would provide you with a lot of sample title for your blog post. Keep refreshing until you find an attractive and catchy title for your blog post.
  • Quick Sprout
Quick Sprout helps in analyzing the performance of the post or content that you have written and provides you an effective solution for the same. It helps in making your content readable and SEO friendly.

Type the URL of your blog post in the Quick Sprout, and you would be provided with the analysis based on which you can make changes to your content to improve your ranking in the search results.

Quick Sprout also provides a variety of services like link building strategy, Email Marketing, Hosting Services, etc. This is indeed a very helpful tool that would be very handy for you as a blogger. You should give it a try, and I am sure that you would like it.
  • Grammarly
Grammarly is the tool that helps in making your content perfect when it comes to grammar. It ensures that your content is readable and understandable by the audience. Grammarly is the tool that every successful; blogger uses because it helps in identifying the errors and suggests correction accordingly.

To use the Grammarly tool, you just have to paste your content into the Grammarly’s online grammar checker. Based on your content’s interest, Grammarly provides suggestions so that your content becomes more useful and engaging.

The premium feature of Grammarly is also available, and it is very much helpful for a blogger. The premium feature offers the functionality of a plagiarism checker and advanced grammar checker.

You can install the Grammarly’s extension to get a suggestion on any pages or blog post you are currently writing.

Tools for Creating Blog Graphics
Blog posts look incomplete without the graphics attached to it. The images or posters that you use for your blog post should be attractive and unique. This is where you would need the help of the editors for creating compelling graphics and illustrations for your article.

Here, you would find some of the most common online tools that would help you in creating graphics of your choice.
  • Canva
Undoubtedly, Canva is the most used online tools for editing and creating graphics for your article. Canva makes the creation of different images and posters easy and comfortable with its amazing features.

Canva provides a variety of predefined templates as per your need and convenience. You can also create a custom size of your own choice in Canva. You can either edit the existing template of Canva for creating your graphics or use your own image ad create a new one.

Canva also provides a variety of elements and images in itself, which facilitates the creation of your graphics. The sizes of the poster are defined in Canva as per the requirement of the various platforms.

You can also use the Mobile Application of Canva to design your graphics. But, Application has a limited feature as compared to the online tool.

This is a tool that a blogger should not neglect. You can also try the premium feature of these tools if you find necessary, but I preferable suggest you use the free feature because it provides sufficient functions for us to make an effective graphic.

Keyword Research and Analysis Tools
You would come across a variety of tools for analyzing the keyword for your blog post. Most of the online tools are paid, but you would also find some tools for free or some tools that can be used with some limitations.

Here are the keywords Research Tools for finding the right keyword for your article or content.

Let us talk about some of the free tools that you should try if you can not afford the initial investment.
  • Keyword Planner
Keyword Planner is a product of Google itself and an effective tool for keyword research and analysis. You can trust the results of the Keyword planner as it provides data as per Google’s information.

Keyword Planner only provides estimated information about the keyword and does not provide the exact information. But, it is a convenient tool to perform keyword research for free.
  • UberSuggest
Ubersuggest is one of the fastest-growing tool created by Neil Patel. This tool was earlier a free tool which provides relevant and accurate data for keyword analysis. But, now Neil Patel has made Ubersuggest a paid tool. So, what should we do and where should we go?

Though UberSuggest is now a paid tool, it provides limited information for free. It can serve our purpose in the beginning if we are just starting and do not want to invest. We can, later on, shift to another paid tool when we become capable of making some investment.
  • Ahrefs
The most commonly used paid tool when it comes to keyword research and analysis. The majority of the bloggers rely on ahrefs for their keyword analysis. It provides accurate and relevant information with the right metrics.

Along with the keyword research, ahrefs also provides a variety of tools that would help you in performing your SEO, link building, competitor analysis, etc. In summary, ahrefs is considered as the best blogging tools for a blogger.

There are also other tools that are paid and are available for bloggers when it comes to SEO or keyword analysis.

Some of them which are used commonly are Moz, SemRush, etc. These tools are also very effective and are the supplement of the above-mentioned tools.

Moz and SemRush are cheaper as compared to ahrefs. So, you can also try these tools as they provide similar features and functions as that of ahrefs.

Plagiarism Checker Tools
If you want your content to stand alone and rank number one on Google’s search result, you must ensure that your content is 100% unique and plagiarism free.

But how would you come to know about the same? Well, I have listed some tools that would help you in this case.
  • Small Seo Tools
Small Seo Tools is a free tool when it comes to plagiarism checker. Small Seo Tools is an online tool that helps in checking the plagiarism of the content.

But, as mentioned earlier, free tools come with some limitations. So does Small Seo Tools plagiarism checker. You can only check up to 1000 words in a single point of time. Yet, this tool is widespread as it is free and provides relevant information.

If you want to check more than 1000 words, then you can do that by dividing your content into parts and checking it one by one.
  • Grammarly
I have already discussed Grammarly above, so I would not continue further with a long explanation.

Grammarly’s premium feature provides a plagiarism checker which is considered as very accurate and helps you in developing a 100% unique content.

Final Words - Best Blogging Tools for Blogger

These blogging tools would only be helpful if you make the appropriate use of it. Blogging today has become very trending, and it has become complicated for a blogger to be successful unless he or she does hard work and implement the right strategies.

The above-mentioned tools are the best blogging tools for any blogger, whether it might be a beginner or an advanced blogger. Use these tools to get ahead of your competitors and be successful.

I hope that this article helped you and provided you the best information.

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